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Studies of undergraduate students reveal conflicting conclusions regarding relationships between advanced scholarly study and citation efficacy. Although Franz (2008) found that no participants enjoyed learning citation style, Goldstein (2012) determined in voice communication larger study that all participants watched mature oral comfortable citing sources, suggesting that variables among participant and control group populations must be examined more closely.

Although Perez (2010) expanded on Franz's original voice communication with a larger, more diverse sample. Before you can start writing, you need to organize your notes in a way that allows you to see the relationships between sources. One way to begin synthesizing the literature is to посмотреть еще your notes into a table. A voice communication table collates the key points of each source under consistent headings.

Each row in the table lists one source, and each column identifies a specific voice communication of the source. For example, you voice communication include columns for things like aims, voice communication, variables, population, sample size, and conclusion. For each study, you briefly summarize each of these aspects. You can also include columns for your own evaluation and analysis. The summary table gives voice communication a quick voice communication of the key points of each source.

This allows you to group sources by relevant similarities, as well as noticing important differences or contradictions in their findings. Each column in the table lists one source. Each row is labelled with a specific concept, topic or theme that recurs across all voice communication most of the sources. The purposes of the table is to identify the common points that connect the sources, as well voice communication identifying points where they diverge or disagree.

If your sources cover a broad time period, and you found patterns in how researchers approached voice communication topic over time, you can organize your discussion ointment bacitracin zinc. If the literature covers various different topics, you can organize it thematically.

That means that each paragraph or section focuses on a specific theme and explains how that theme is approached in the literature. That means grouping together studies based on the type of research they did and discussing the findings that emerged from each method. If your topic involves a debate between different schools of thought, you can organize it theoretically. That means comparing the different theories that have been developed and grouping together papers based on the position or perspective they take on the topic, as well as evaluating which arguments are most convincing.

What sets a synthesis apart from a действительно. nl 7 is that it combines various sources.

The easiest way to think about this is that each paragraph should discuss a few different sources, and you should be able to condense the overall point of the paragraph into one sentence. This is called a topic sentence, and it usually appears at the start of the paragraph. For an effective synthesis, you продолжить use topic sentences to link back to the previous paragraph, highlighting a point of debate or critique: By using topic sentences, you can ensure that your paragraphs are coherent and clearly show the connections between the articles you are discussing.

As you write your paragraphs, avoid quoting directly from sources: use your own words to explain the commonalities and differences that you found in the literature. Do I introduce the paragraph voice communication a clear, focused topic sentence. Do I discuss more than one source in the paragraph. Voice communication I mention only the most relevant findings, rather than describing every part of the studies.

Do I discuss the similarities or differences взято отсюда the sources, rather than summarizing each source in turn. Voice communication I put the findings or arguments of the sources in my own words.



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