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Treatment Medications What Medications Treat Night Sweats. Doctor Specialists Which Type of Specialist Treats Night Sweats. Cure Can Night Sweats be Cured. What Vitamin roche posay the Prognosis. Prevention Can You Prevent Night Sweats. Guide Night Sweats (in Men and Women) Topic GuideDoctor's Vitamin roche posay on Night Sweats Symptoms Night Sweats In Men and Women FactsNight sweats are excessive sweating that occurs at night.

Night sweats are often, but not always, associated with hot flashes that women may experience during the menopausal transition. Many other medical vitamin roche posay and even certain medications can cause night sweats. Vitamin roche posay night sweats are not related to an overheated room or sleeping environment.

Other symptoms can be associated with night sweats, depending on the cause. Associated symptoms can include flushing, fever, or chills. Talk to your doctor if you are concerned about night sweats. Treatment of night sweats depends on the underlying cause of the problem. If your bedroom is unusually hot or you are using too many bedclothes, you may begin to sweat during sleep - and this is normal.

In order to distinguish night sweats that arise from medical causes from those that vitamin roche posay because one's surroundings are too warm, doctors generally refer to true night sweats as severe hot flashes occurring at night that can drench sleepwear and sheets, and that are not related to an overheated environment. What Are the Symptoms and Signs of Night Sweats in Men and Women.

Excess sweating that occurs at night may drench sheets and bedclothes when severe. As mentioned previously, sometimes vitamin roche posay sensation of flushing (a warmth and redness of the face or trunk) may be hard to distinguish from true night sweats or may accompany night sweats. Depending upon the underlying cause vitamin roche posay the night sweats, other symptoms may occur in association with the sweating.

For example, with certain infections and cancers, fever and chills are associated with the night sweats. What Are Common Causes Night Sweats in Men and Women. Night sweating can arise from harmless situations or serious disease. It is important to note that flushing (a warmth здесь redness of the face or trunk) may also be hard to distinguish from true night sweats.

There are many different causes of night sweats. Some of the vitamin roche posay conditions that can cause night sweats include:Cancer: Night sweats are an early symptom of some cancers. Leukemia also may cause night sweats. However, people who have an undiagnosed cancer frequently have читать symptoms as well, such as unexplained weight loss and fevers.

Hypoglycemia: Sometimes low blood sugar can cause sweating. People who are taking insulin or oral anti-diabetic medications may experience hypoglycemia at night that is accompanied by sweating. Hormone disorders: Sweating or flushing can be seen with several hormone disorders, including pheochromocytoma, carcinoid приведу ссылку, and hyperthyroidism.

Neurologic conditions: Uncommonly, neurologic conditions including autonomic dysreflexia, post-traumatic syringomyelia, stroke, and autonomic neuropathy may cause increased vitamin roche posay and possibly lead to night sweats. Idiopathic hyperhidrosis: Idiopathic hyperhidrosis is a condition in which the body chronically produces too much sweat without any identifiable medical cause.

Infections: Classically, tuberculosis is the infection most notoriously associated with night sweats. However, bacterial infections, such as those that cause endocarditis (inflammation of the heart valves), osteomyelitis (inflammation within the bones), and abscesses all may result in night sweats.

How Common Are Night Адрес страницы during Perimenopause. The hot flashes that accompany the menopausal transition can occur at night and cause sweating. When Should You Be Concerned about Night Sweats. Contact your doctor if you have persistent night sweats that do not resolve or if you have night sweats associated with fevers or any other troubling symptoms.

What Procedures and Tests Diagnose the Cause of Night Sweats. To determine what is causing night sweats in a particular individual, a doctor must obtain a detailed medical history and often order tests to decide if an vitamin roche posay medical condition is responsible for the night sweats. Depending upon the cause of the night vitamin roche posay an individual's medical history, tests may include blood tests, imaging studies (such as X-rays vitamin roche posay CT scans), and further specialized vitamin roche posay. What Medications Treat Night Sweats.

Night sweats are generally a symptom of an underlying problem that vitamin roche posay require medical treatment. However, typically treatment is not directed at the night sweats themselves, but rather at the underlying cause.

For examples, hormonal disorders, cancers, and infections are among the causes of night sweats in which treatment is directed at the underlying condition. Night sweats arising as a symptom of perimenopause may be treated with hormone therapy, vitamin roche posay appropriate. Both estrogen therapy (ET) and combined estrogen and progestin нажмите чтобы узнать больше (hormone therapy or HT) have been used successfully to treat symptoms vitamin roche posay perimenopause when these become severe or troubling.

Etopan 400 sweats arising as a side effect of medications may improve when the medication is discontinued or changed, if appropriate. Your health-care professional may vitamin roche posay able to suggest an alternative form of therapy if you vitamin roche posay experiencing severe side effects from taking a medication.

Which Type of Specialist Treats Night Sweats. Many different kinds of doctors may be consulted for night sweats, including gynecologists, internal medicine specialists, pediatricians, or family practitioners. If night sweats are a symptom of an infectious disease, an infectious diseases specialist may provide treatment. Similarly, those with night sweats due to cancers will be under the care vitamin roche posay a medical or surgical oncologist.



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