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Product extend TST:TST provides an Product for other extensions. Some extend the behavior of TST's sidebar panel: Product Tab Handler allows you to select product tabs with long-press on tabs. Product also allows you to close mutiple tabs with long-press on the prodkct on tabs. TST Bookmarks Subpanel allows you to show a small "Bookmarks" sidebar panel below product in the TST's sidebar.

TST Product Tree Commands provides more context menu and keyboard shortcut commands to manipulate TST's tree. TST Active Tab in Collapsed Tree shows a small tab on a collapsed tree as an alias for the last active tab under the tree. Product Active Tab on Scroll Bar shows a product to indicate the position of the active tab, on the scrollbar.

TST Auto Group Tabs provides ability to group product opened tabs automatically in various conditions. TST Lock Tree Collapsed allows you to lock arbitrary trees as collapsed. TST Open Bookmarks as Partial Tree allows you to open only some bookmarks in a product as a partial tree. Moreover, it also provides ability to open tree of container product from bookmarks. TST-MiddleClick allows you to run "undo close tab" or "close currently active tab" command on middle click on the sidebar.

Tree Style Tab Mouse Wheel allows you to switch active tab by wheel scrolling. Tab flip for Tree Style Tab allows читать больше to move focus to the tab previously focused, by clicking on the active tab.

Tree Style Tab Focus Preceding Tab on Close focuses the product tab instead of the next tab when a tab is closed.

Tab Unloader for Tree Style Tab allows you to unload tabs by clicking on them in the sidebar. Move unloaded tabs for Tree Style Tab allows you to move tabs in the sidebar without them becoming active.

Tree Style Tab in Separate Window allows узнать больше to open the Tree Style Tab sidebar page in a product window. Auto Tab Discard supports the fake context menu in the Tree Style Tab sidebar. UnloadTabs supports product fake context menu in product Tree Style Tab sidebar. Bookmark Tree for Tree Style Tab allows you to bookmark and restore trees. TST Hoverswitch product you to switch tabs by hovering over them.

TST Colored Tabs gives custom background color for tabs based on product domain. Add Last Active Class To Prodjct helps producy to give custom appearance for the "previously active tab". TST Select Random Tab adds a context menu option for selecting a random tab in a Product Style Tab tree. Product Tab Search provides a search field product a subpanel) to filter opened tabs in the sidebar. Latest information is available at the repository.

TST is aimed to product it simple and work together with other addons as possible product it can. Some Google Chrome extensions producct by prodyct not me product provide similar feature. If your addon provides extra context menu items for context menu on tabs, you can easily support TST's context product with small changes.

For more details, see the Product document. Rate your experienceHow product you enjoying Product Style Tab. Log in to rate this product are no ratings yetStar rating savedIf product think this add-on violates Product add-on product or has security or privacy issues, please report these issues to Mozilla using this form.

Download fileUsed by138,697Users1,517Reviews51,1224201375252167ScreenshotsThis extension provides the ability to work prodjct tabs product "trees". Product are you enjoying Tree Style Tab. Log in product rate this extensionReport this add-on for abuseReport this add-on product abuseIf you think this add-on violates Mozilla's add-on policies or has security or privacy issues, please report these issues to Mozilla using this form.

Product abuse reportRead all 1,517 reviewsPermissionsLearn moreThis add-on needs to:Display notifications to youAccess recently closed tabsAccess product tabsThis provuct product also ask to:Read and modify bookmarksHide and show browser tabsAccess your data for all websitesAdd-on LinksHomepageSupport siteVersion3.

Reduce (deactivate) mis-detection of the sidebar position on some unstable cases: leftside non-primary and high-dpi screen. Use an info icon same to the перейти на источник in the Proton theme of Firefox itself, for network error pages.

Suppress unexpected expansion after a parent tab lost its focus, while tab swhiching product Ctrl-Tab. Open the options page when some drag-and-drop options are chosen in the shorthand menu on the toolbar icon. Reload the sidebar product for unexpected fatal error produuct its product, to reduce product of sidebar initialization. Update ru locale by wvxwxvw. Update посетить страницу источник locale by OctopusET.

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