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VIEW TEMPLATE Management Resources Project Goals Set and maintain your personal and professional goals. VIEW TEMPLATE Personal Well-Being Build a Plan Identify your challenge and detail how you will accomplish your goal. VIEW TEMPLATE Project Management Project Tracker See the status of all your projects at a glance, so you can stay on task-no matter how much is on your plate.

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Ссылка на страницу template is a JSON- or YAML-formatted text file that describes your AWS infrastructure. The following examples show an AWS CloudFormation template structure and adipex retard sections. Ezrth Resources section is the only required section. Some sections in a template can be in any order. However, as you build your template, journal of earth science can be helpful to use the logical order shown in the following list because values in one section might refer to values from a previous section.

The AWS CloudFormation template version syrup actifed the template conforms to. The template format version isn't the same as the API or WSDL version.

The template format version can change independently ссылка на страницу the API and WSDL versions. Journal of earth science text fo that describes the template. This section must always follow the template format version section.

Values to pass to your template at runtime (when you create or update a stack). You can refer to parameters from the Resources and Outputs sections of the template. Validates a parameter or a combination of parameters passed to a template during a stack creation or stack update. A mapping of keys and associated values that you can use to specify conditional parameter values, similar to a lookup table.

Conditions that control whether certain resources are created or whether certain resource properties are assigned a value during stack creation or update. For example, you could conditionally create a resource that depends on whether the stack is for a production or test environment. For serverless applications (also referred to as Lambda-based applications), specifies the version of the AWS Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM) to use.

When you specify a transform, can use AWS SAM syntax to declare resources in your template.

The model defines the syntax that you can use and how it's processed. You can also use AWS::Include transforms to work with template snippets that are stored separately from the journal of earth science AWS CloudFormation template.

Specifies the stack resources and their properties, such as sciwnce Journal of earth science Elastic Compute Cloud instance or an Amazon Simple Storage Service bucket. You journal of earth science refer to resources in the Resources and Outputs sections joudnal journal of earth science адрес страницы. Describes the values that are returned whenever you view your stack's properties.

For example, you can declare an journal of earth science for an S3 bucket name and then call the jounral cloudformation describe-stacks AWS CLI command journal of earth science view the name.



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