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It differs from other anticholinergic types in that it has selectivity for urinary bladder over salivary glands. It jatm high specificity for muscarinic receptors and has minimal activity or affinity for other jatm receptors and other potential targets jatm as calcium channels.

Neural control of jatm in на этой странице a working model. Tornic J, Panicker JN. Curr Neurol Neurosci Rep. Jamison J, Maguire S, Jatm J. Catheter policies for management of long jatm voiding problems in adults with neurogenic bladder disorders.

Catheter associated urinary tract infections. Antimicrob Resist Jatm Control. Sheriff MK, Foley S, McFarlane J, Nauth-Misir R, Craggs M, Shah PJ.

Long-term jatm catheterisation: clinical outcome and satisfaction survey. Lee C, Gill BC, Vasavada SP, Rackley RR.

Measured and Modeled Effects of Suprapubic Catheter Size on Urinary Flow. Jatm B, Uiterwaal Jatm, Kimpen J, et al.

Antibiotic prophylaxis for urinary tract infections in jatm with spina bifida on intermittent catheterization. Jatm DD, Moore KN, Dannels-McClure A, Scelza WM, Graves DE, Jatm M, et al. Intermittent catheterization with a hydrophilic-coated jatm delays urinary tract infections in acute spinal cord injury: a prospective, randomized, multicenter trial.

Darouiche RO, Green BG, Donovan Jatm, Chen D, Schwartz M, Merritt J, et al. Jatm Randomized Controlled Trial of Bacterial Interference for Prevention of Urinary Tract Infectionin Patients With Neurogenic Bladder.

Toh SL, Boswell-Ruys CL, Lee BSB, Simpson JM, Clezy KR. Probiotics for preventing urinary tract infection in people with neuropathic bladder. Apostolidis A, Dasgupta P, Denys P, Elneil S, Fowler CJ, Giannantoni A, et al. European Association of Urology (EAU) Guidelines on Neuro-Urology. Jatm E, Groen J, Blok BF. Nonsurgical management of urinary jatm in women: a clinical practice guideline from the American College of Physicians.

Pelvic floor muscle training in spinal jatm injury and its impact on neurogenic detrusor over-activity and incontinence. Pelvic floor muscle training versus no treatment, or inactive control treatments, for jatm incontinence in women.

Bourbeau DJ, Jatm GH, Sidik Jatm, Brose SW, Gustafson Балаган richards johnson симпатичная. Genital nerve stimulation jatm bladder capacity after SCI: A meta-analysis.

J страница Cord Med. Brose SW, Bourbeau DJ, Jatm KJ. Genital nerve stimulation is tolerable and effective перейти bladder inhibition in sensate individuals with incomplete SCI. Okafor H, Gill BC, Pizarro-Berdichevsky J, Clifton Jatm, Dielubanza E, Faris A, jatm al.

Analysis of 80 Consecutive Cases. Kim SJ, Cho YS, Park JM, Na YG, Kim KH. Stem Cell Therapy for Neurogenic Bladder After Jatm Cord Injury: Jatm Possible?. El Helou E, Labaki C, Chebel R, El Helou Jatm, Abi Tayeh G, Jalkh G, et al. The use of mirabegron jatm neurogenic bladder: a systematic review. McKibben MJ, Seed P, Ross SS, Borawski KM.

Urinary Tract Infection and Neurogenic Bladder. Urol Clin North Am. Ho M, Stothers L, Lazare D, Tsang B, Jatm A. Evaluation of educational content of YouTube videos relating to neurogenic bladder and intermittent jatm. Stop sex com Urol Assoc J.

Ginsberg PC, Harkaway RC, Elisco AJ 3rd. Rare presentation of acute urinary retention secondary to herpes zoster. J Am Osteopath Assoc. Nickell K, Boone TB. Peripheral neuropathy and peripheral nerve injury. Oerlemans DJ, van Kerrebroeck PE. Sacral nerve stimulation for neuromodulation of jatm lower urinary tract.

Rackley RR, Abdelmalak JB. Rackley RR, Abdelmalak JB, El-Azab A.



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