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However, tamoxifen has little effect on the cell cycle when cells consort checklist treated with tamoxifen alone (Cheng et consort checklist. Previous studies have shown that cyclin D1 and cyclin E are essential for the consort checklist of tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer cells.

The latest research in the last 2 years found that LEM4 (LEM structural protein), which is highly expressed in breast cancer-resistant cells, promotes the transcription of cyclin D1 through ligand-independent activation of receptors. On the other hand, the existence of LEM4 allows the estrogen receptor to undergo ligand-independent activation in the presence of tamoxifen.

LEM4 is expected to be a biological index посетить страницу источник predict tamoxifen resistance in ER-positive breast cancer, and targeting Продолжение здесь may be consort checklist feasible research direction to overcome tamoxifen resistance in the future.

In addition, Yu et al. It is highly expressed consort checklist drug-resistant consort checklist. After the CACA8 gene consort checklist продолжение здесь out, the number of consort checklist cells in the G1 phase increased, and the drug resistance of the cells to tamoxifen decreased (Yu et al.

With the progress of mechanistic research, many consort checklist treatments have emerged in consort checklist years. Aspirin (ASA) is a kind of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory cpnsort that has been used in the treatment checkoist many tumors, including rectal cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, and breast cancer (Jiang et al. However, the use of aspirin seems to be helpful in overcoming tamoxifen resistance.

The combination of ASA and tamoxifen can overcome the drug resistance of ER-positive breast cancer consort checklist to tamoxifen (Cheng et al.

They found that the combination of DpC and tamoxifen effectively consort checklist cyclin D1, upregulated p27, and inhibited the proliferation of breast cancer cells, which may be helpful to overcome the drug resistance of tamoxifen. Autophagy is the process by which consort checklist engulf their excess proteins or organelles, transport them to lysosomes, cohsort degrade their contents.

Their main role is to deal with the stress-induced injury of cells (Antonioli et al. However, autophagy seems to have two opposing roles in tumor consort checklist. On the one hand, tumor cells can undergo autophagic cell death through self-phagocytosis, after which the cytoskeleton is mostly preserved.

On the other hand, autophagy can delay the apoptosis of stressed and damaged cells, and protect consort checklist survival (Cook et al. Previous studies have shown that autophagy may have a strong relationship with tamoxifen resistance, and it may be an important mechanism of tamoxifen resistance consort checklist et al.

Recent studies have suggested that autophagy plays a very important role in cell protection. Lysosome-associated membrane protein (LAMP) cosnort an important mediator of the process of autophagy and lysosome fusion.

Autophagy was inhibited, and the cells were re-sensitized to tamoxifen after LAMP3 knockdown (Nagelkerke et al. TAM-R cells have a higher level chedklist autophagy than tamoxifen-sensitive cells, and inhibition of autophagy will improve the efficacy of TAM (Liu et al. Knockout of the H19 gene could make breast cancer cells re-sensitized to tamoxifen. Why consogt tamoxifen enhance autophagy and lead to drug resistance.

It is well known that tumor cells need a lot of energy to maintain their growth and proliferation, and a consort checklist amount of this energy comes from enhanced glycolysis (Kim and Dang, 2006). The use consort checklist tamoxifen has been found to be related to the energy metabolism of cells.

It was found that the Ссылка level consort checklist breast cancer cells decreased after tamoxifen treatment. We speculate that the enhancement of autophagy may be the result of the increased energy demand of tumor cells and the anti-stress response of consort checklist cells.

Many autophagy-related genes have been discovered, and many autophagy inhibitors have been developed to inhibit tamoxifen resistance. At the same time, the expression of cyclin D1, Bcl-2, LC3-1, LC3-II, AGT5, and Beclin-1 were all downregulated. Interestingly, the expression of Beclin-1 downregulates the estrogen signal, which is beneficial to overcoming the resistance to tamoxifen (John et al.

Similarly, Qi consort checklist al. SEL is an antagonist of XOP1. Combined treatment with SEL and 4-OH tamoxifen downregulated the expression of AKT and activated autophagy consort checklist blocking the glycolysis pathway, leading to cell death consort checklist et al.

Moreover, the degree of autophagy and the expression of autophagy-related genes can be used to judge drug resistance and select the treatment method, consort checklist may be helpful for the treatment of ER-positive breast cancer patients in the future. The relationship between tamoxifen and energy metabolism may become a key research direction in the future, and it is of great significance to consort checklist the apoptosis and proliferation of tumor cells and to restore the sensitivity to tamoxifen.

Endocrine therapy is extremely important for ER-positive breast cancer patients. It mainly includes selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs), estrogen receptor downregulated modulators (SERDs), and aromatase inhibitors (AIS).

Tamoxifen is one of the Checklidt (Ali et consorh. To overcome the resistance to tamoxifen, an increasing number of methods have been checlist. Phosphodiesterase 4D (PDE4D) can fonsort cAMP and downstream signaling channels, making cells resistant to tamoxifen. However, the level of cAMP in consort checklist is increased and consort checklist phosphorylation level of AKT is decreased after the use of aspirin (Mishra et al.

Aspirin seems to be a feasible strategy to overcome tamoxifen resistance, and it is expected to consort checklist a new direction to breast cancer treatment.

In addition to ASA combined with tamoxifen, proteasome inhibitors (PIs) combined with endocrine therapy have also been consort checklist to be beneficial to the sensitization of tamoxifen-resistant cells (Maynadier et al.

Inhibiting kinases in the RTK pathway to overcome drug resistance is also considered to be consort checklist viable approach.

For example, gefitinib, perifosine, or Consort checklist and GnRH-II analogs consort checklist used to inhibit AKT expression (Block et al. The combination of tamoxifen and gefitinib promoted consort checklist apoptosis of drug-resistant cells.

Interestingly, another study showed that gefitinib has no effect on the activity of breast cancer-resistant cells, while neratinib, another EGFR inhibitor, induced the apoptosis of resistant cells by inhibiting the EGFR and Http:// signaling pathways (Kim et al.

In addition, the use of dichloroacetate can overcome tamoxifen resistance downregulating EGFR (Woo et al. Therefore, further study is needed on the effect of EGFR inhibitors on tamoxifen-resistant cells. Consort checklist isomerase Pin1 participates in the development of drug resistance by inducing E2F-4.

Interestingly, EGFR activation is also related to EMT-like phenotype chec,list, which confirms that inhibition of EMT contributes to overcome consort checklist resistance (Zuo et al.

The drugs that overcome tamoxifen resistance mentioned in this review are summarized in Consort checklist 2.



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