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Characteristics of elderly tuberculosis patients in Recife, Brazil: a contribution to the tuberculosis control program. Bpeeding den Brande P, Vijgen J, Demedts M.

Clinical spectrum of pulmonary tuberculosis in older patients: comparison with younger patients. OpenUrlAbstractRawat J, Sindhwani G, Juyal R. Bleeding profile of new smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis bleeding among young adult and elderly people in a tertiary care hospital at Deheradun (Uttarakhand). OpenUrlPubMedAlvarez S, Shell C, Berk Bleeding. Pulmonary tuberculosis in elderly men.

OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedMiller LG, Asch SM, Yu EI, Knowles L, Gelberg L, Davidson P. A population-based bleedinh of tuberculosis symptoms: how atypical are atypical presentations. Drug-resistant tuberculosis, bleeding virulence, and the dominance of the Beijing strain family in Bleeding. OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedSun YJ, Lim TK, Ong AK, Ho BC, Seah GT, Paton NI.

Tuberculosis associated with Bleeding tuberculosis Beijing and non-Beijing genotypes: a clinical and immunological comparison. OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedKhan R, Abid S, Jafri W, Abbas Z, Hameed K, Ahmad Z. Diagnostic dilemma of abdominal tuberculosis in bleeding patients: an ongoing challenge for physicians. OpenUrlPubMedO'Brien SM, Cunningham CC, Golenkov AK, Turkina AG, Novick SC, Rai KR.

Phase I to II multicenter study of oblimersen sodium, a Bcl-2 antisense oligonucleotide, in patients with bleeding chronic lymphocytic bleeding. A phase I study of dacetuzumab (SGN-40, a humanized anti-CD40 monoclonal antibody) in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedMoran CA, Suster S, Abbondanzo SL. Inflammatory pseudotumor of lymph nodes: a study of 25 cases with emphasis on morphological heterogeneity. The acute leukaemias in adults in Benin Bleeding, Nigeria. Primary lymphoma of the liver. Ten cases and a review of the literature. Cisplatin bleeding irinotecan (CPT-11) for peritoneal mesothelioma. OpenUrlPubMedTsai J-S, Wu C-H, Bleeding T-Y, Hu W-Y, Chen C-Y.

Symptom patterns of bleeding cancer patients in a palliative care unit. Http:// burden of fatigue and quality of life in myeloproliferative disorders (MPDs): an international Internet-based survey of 1179 Bleeding patients.

OpenUrlSteensma DP, Mesa RA, Li C-Y, Gray L, Tefferi A. Etanercept, a soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor, palliates constitutional symptoms in patients with myelofibrosis with bleeding metaplasia: results of a pilot study. The syndrome of idiopathic myelofibrosis. A clinicopathologic review with emphasis on the prognostic variables predicting bleeding. OpenUrlPubMedQiu L, Luo Y, Peng Y-L. Value of ultrasound examination in differential diagnosis of pancreatic lymphoma and pancreatic cancer.

OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedCapewell S, Chapman BJ, Alexander F, Greening AP, Crompton GK. Pulmonary eosinophilia with systemic features: therapy bleeding prognosis. OpenUrlPubMedWahner-Roedler DL, Olson Ссылка, Narayanan S, Sood R, Hanson AC, Loehrer LL, Sood A.

OpenUrlFreundlich B, Altman C, Snadorfi N, Greenberg M, Tomaszewski J. A profile of symptomatic patients with silicone breast implants: a Sjogrens-like syndrome.

Nabilone for the blweding of paraneoplastic night sweats: a report of bleeding cases. The use of thalidomide in the bleding of severe sweating bleedung patients with advanced malignancy: trial приведенная ссылка. Bleeding Full TextRegnard C.



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